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Your case is important. Whether it is a million dollar trucking collision case, or a $5,000 “bumper tap” car crash case, it has had significant consequences for you in the past, and will continue to have significant consequences in the future. If you are hiring a Maryland personal injury lawyer, that lawyer should be your primary point of contact. That lawyer should keep you updated about the status of your case before you need to call. You should feel like your lawyer is handling one case–yours. Don’t let your case be delegated to a paralegal. Come to the lawyer who will work for you.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Posner & Cord, we specialize in the use of technology to communicate with you, to investigate your case, and to prove your case. We have the ability to forward claim documents to you by e-mail, and we access our e-mail around the clock by smartphone. In automobile accidents, for example, we will determine whether there were red light or security cameras that recorded the incident. Our Maryland personal injury attorneys will investigate whether the at-fault driver was using a GPS device, or was illegally using a cell phone to talk or text. At trial, we will use aerial satellite photos of the scene of the collision to explain how it happened, and we will craft an electronic visual presentation for juries.

Prior Case Results

  • $2 million settlement on the third day of trial for the family of man killed by a negligent tow truck driver who was unlawfully stopped on I-95.
  • $810,000 settlement for family of husband and wife who were killed by a negligent tractor-trailer operator who collided into the rear of their vehicle while in line at a toll booth.
  • $664,000 trial verdict for a pedestrian hit by a woman who was driving while texting.
  • $475,000 medical malpractice settlement against midwives and their business for failure to properly manage the delivery of a baby, causing the baby’s stillbirth.
  • $15,000 verdict in Baltimore County District Court for a client temporarily injured in an automobile accident. The Defendant contested liability, and the client’s medical treatment consisted of under three weeks of physical therapy.

Posner & Cord Concentrates on Cases Involving

Time is of the Essence

Whether you contact us or another law firm, if you have questions about your legal rights you should speak to a Maryland personal injury lawyer immediately. Every state has deadlines to file notice of claims and lawsuits, and a lawyer can advise you about how much time you have.


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June, 2012: Ocean City, Maryland: John Cord has been selected to speak on Thursday, June 14, 2012 to the lawyers at the Maryland State Bar Association’s (MSBA) annual Ocean City seminar.Click here to sign up.

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