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inkwellMany firms may not have the resources or time to handle every project required for prosecution of a case. Outsourcing legal support work allows your firm to spend time on more pressing duties, to better allocate available resources in response to deadlines, and to free up time for family. At Posner & Cord, we can provide you with specialized legal research, brief writing, technological trial presentations and even overflow trial work.


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Trial Presentations

Modern jurors expect more during trial than a lecture. Years of television, blockbuster movies, celebrity trials, Facebook and YouTube have conditioned jurors to expect more flash and variety. If your opponent provides it, you will be at a serious disadvantage. If you provide it and your opponent doesn’t, you will have a leg up. Our Expert Trial Architecture services will help you to craft your opening statement, direct examinations, cross-examinations and closing argument with these jurors in mind. We can create PowerPoint presentations that use your case documents to tell the story–with a minimum of bullet points.

Social Networking

Social networking is a great way to keep in contact with past clients, to ensure that they remember you the next time they need a lawyer. We can help set up your firm’s social networking pages, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Avvo. If you have a blog, we can set your social networking to automatically update every time a new blog post is written.

Webpage / Blog Writing

The practice of law gets in the way of blogging. Perhaps you started a blog a year ago, and it still has only a handful of posts. Maybe you see friends who regularly get cases from the internet, thanks to their regular blogging. Blogs should have a minimum of two posts per week to create effective internet traffic. Ideally, your blog should have four to five posts per week.

If you don’t have time to write regular blogs let us help. We are experienced in creating quality Search-Engine-Optimized (SEO) content specific to your fields of practice. We will write blog posts incorporating the latest news and legal opinions. We will write about any subjects that are important to your practice and to your clients. Our blogs posts are personable, informative, and have links to authoritative sources, including your website. We write it, you approve it, and it goes on your on your website under your name.

One of the ways that Google and other search engines finds and ranks your website is to look for fresh and unique content. Your website should be a living document–constantly updating, changing and growing. It is only then that your website, and your firm, will get the Google respect that it deserves. We can do this by writing blogs and creating new webpages. For more information, contact us.

Trial, Motions Hearings and Court Appearances

If your firm has trial conflicts that it cannot resolve, whether because the judge denied a postponement request, your client cannot afford to have his trial date continued, or you have multiple appearances set for the same day, consider bringing our firm in to assist. We have extensive experience in the district courts of Maryland, and are willing to help you and your clients in circuit court cases as well. Whether you need a lawyer to stand in for you to pass a case for settlement, to request a postponement, to argue a motion or argue a case at trial, Posner & Cord is ready, willing and able.

Legal Research

We provide the following services:

  • Citation checking
  • Memoranda of Law
  • Collecting/highlighting relevant cases/statutes
  • Emergency trial research
Brief Writing / Editing

If the Defendant is papering you to death, or if you are fighting a hard deadline to respond to summary judgment motions, contact Posner & Cord. We can ease your workload and provide you with quality signature-ready briefs at reasonable rates. We understand that every paper submitted to a court puts your legal reputation on the line, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best possible product.

If you already have briefs drafted and need a second set of eyes, we will provide editing and citation-checking services to help you put your papers into final form. We can put together appellate briefs and record extracts, even making arrangements to bind the final products and deliver them to court for you.

Settlement Demands

The only way for you to get paid is to move cases along. If you have a backlog of cases that require settlement demand letters, contact us. Our signature-ready demand letters are polished, cite to the medical records, and provide a simple and human explanation of your clients’ claims. If the case does not settle, the demand letter can serve as a good outline to the positive points of your case. We can create letters using our form, or if you provide a sample of your requirements, we will fashion them after your model.

Document Review

We have experience with document review for numerous product liability cases, including hormone therapy and pain pumps. If you have documents from corporate defendants that need to be coded, classified or reviewed, we can perform the grunt work leaving you to more pressing matters of legal strategy.


We have experience in many areas of personal injury, including automobile and trucking litigation, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, product liability, mass torts and general personal injury.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll refund your money in full. If your case has budgetary constraints, just let us know, and we will work with you to find a way to make your projects affordable, including flat fees, hourly rates or a contingency fee arrangement. In some situations (for example, trial), the client may need to consent to joint representation.

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