Verdicts and Settlements

The cases below are representative of some of the favorable verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients over the last several years. Our lawyers have represented hundreds of clients and not every case in which we have been involved has resulted in a favorable verdict or settlement. Many of these cases involve complex liability, medical and scientific issues. The other parties are usually represented by experienced attorneys and the cases are often vigorously defended. The facts of every case are different and the results shown here should not be construed as a predictor of future results or a guarantee as to the outcome of any particular case. Additional information about these representative cases or other cases handled by the our lawyers will be provided to you free of charge upon request.

  • $2 million settlement on the third day of trial for the family of man killed by a negligent tow truck driver who was unlawfully stopped on I-95.
  • $810,000 settlement for family of husband and wife who were killed by a negligent tractor-trailer operator who collided into the rear of their vehicle while in line at a toll booth.
  • $664,000 trial verdict for a pedestrian hit by a woman who was driving while texting.
  • $475,000 medical malpractice settlement against midwives and their business for failure to properly manage the delivery of a baby, causing the baby’s stillbirth.
  • $15,000 verdict in Baltimore County District Court for a client temporarily injured in an automobile accident. The Defendant contested liability, and the client’s medical treatment consisted of under three weeks of physical therapy.
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