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Modern jurors expect more during trial than a lecture. Facebook, iPads, DVRs, celebrity trials, videogames and YouTube have conditioned jurors to expect more flash and variety. Juries are made up more and more of younger people who grew up with this technology. Teachers of all age groups are using laptops, projectors and even more sophisticated equipment in the classroom. Their students have already entered your jury pools, and they are not accustomed to understanding complicated information through foam core boards, paper photographs or simple lecture. If your opponent uses technology, you will be at a serious disadvantage. If you provide it and your opponent doesn’t, you will have a leg up.

Our Expert Trial Architecture services will help you to craft your opening statement, direct examinations, cross-examinations and closing argument with these jurors in mind. We can create PowerPoint presentations that use your case documents to tell the story–with a minimum of bullet points. After creating your presentation we will rehearse it with you (or your staff) so you are comfortable managing the equipment yourself, or we will accompany you to trial. There, we will set up your equipment and manage the technology from jury selection to verdict.

Our services are affordable for all ranges of cases–from the simple one day automobile trial to the three week medical malpractice case.

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